Fiber Optic Green System Disposable blades
  •  Single patient use only.
  •  Latex free and safe in use.
  •  Especially very effective under emergency situations.
  •  Green system no direct contact of light.
  •  Stainless steel spatula and aluminum heel makes, practically unbreakable.
  •  Semi-metal blade also hold reinforcement metal hook to make it unbreakable.
  •  Low cost price with high quality.
  •  Round tip helps reduce trauma.
  •  Plastic optically fiber 5mm dia gives clear and maximum illumination.
  •  Black shrink tube on individual light guide protects light dispersion or reflection to doctor as well.
  •  Available in all sizes of Macintosh and Miller.
  •  Supplied surgically cleaned.
  •  Hygienically safe in use.
  •  Fully conforms to ISO 7376 and existing handles.
  •  Individually packed and labeled.
  •  In case of double polythene packing, reusable battery handle can be safe for use.
  •  Low profile shape of blades protects the patient from upper part of teeth.
Fiber Optic Green System Disposable blades

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