Standard Conventional Reusable blades

We have accommodated the whole range of conventional lamp blades into LED choice also, which protects the patient from accidental burns during lengthy procedures.

  •   Standard Vacuum Lamp:
    •  Reliable vacuum standard lamp of 2.5V for better illumination.
    •  Conventional color temperature of 3000k @ 2000 LUX.
    •  2hrs operating time with 20hrs life of lamp.
  •   LED Lamp:
    •  LED lamp gives continuous cool and bright illumination.
    •  2hrs operating time.
    •  Brighter than standard lamp with 8,000 LUX light beam.
    •  Available with 6500k color temperature.
    • Longer additional life time with 50,000 hrs.
    •  Whole range of blades complies with ISO 7376 standard.
    •  Easily replace lamp at the front of the blade.
    •  Autoclaved @ 134 °C for 5 minutes.
    •  Crafted from finest stainless steel AISI 303 & 304.
    •  Round and smooth edges reduce the risk of injuries.
Standard Conventional Reusable blades

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