Fiber Optic Green System Reusable Laryngoscopes
  •  All blades in green system crafted from finest non-magnet stainless steel minimize the risk of contamination. 
  •  Cool and brighter light with no chance of tissue burning during long intubation procedures. 
  •  Superior quality of glass fiber optic gives maximum bright illumination to view the larynx of human body. 
  •  Removable light guide can be autoclave separately, which makes long life of blade. 
  •  Autoclaveable at 134c° 5 min, for 2000-3000 cycles at maximum light output. 
  •  All blades and handles are made to comply with ISO 7376, allow compatibility with existing blades and handles. 
  •  Complete range of handles also equipped with LED lamps. 
  •  LED technology has longer additional life time with 50,000hrs and continuous 2hrs operating time. 
  •  Brighter than Xenon lamp with 8,000 – 10,000 LUX transmission light at the tip of the blade. 
Fiber Optic Green System Reusable Laryngoscopes

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